Is the Kik App the Best Communication App

Kik app is a smartphone application that was founded by a group of students from the University of Waterloo in 2009. The goal of Kik app at that time was to shift communication from PC into smartphones. After years of hard work, the team behind Kik app has now created a messenger application that millions of people around the world are using.

Today, smartphones are used as a staple of communicating to people. The reach of communication through the use of the Internet has become relevant to our daily lives. Kik app was created to aim towards the smartphone user market. It was designed to be convenient for the smartphone user who enjoy chatting with friends and who want to make new friends online.

  • Chatting has become an important part of the lives of people today.

Because the Internet is easy to access, this allows anyone to open up a messenger application and chat with anyone around the world. Text messaging has its limitations and a PC is bulky to carry around as a tool of communication. Kik app has taken advantage of the thriving smartphone era and has made communication through chat easy. It is very simple to use. Unlike other messenger applications in the market it does not require you to give your phone number, only a username is needed. Anyone can download and use it.

  • Kik app has all the necessities of a messenger app that make it useful to a person.

A person can have a one-on-one chat or group chat with close friends easily with the app. The simple layout and design of the app makes it easy for you to chat up with your friends. Kik app also allows one to share photos, gifs, videos, games and more to the person they are chatting with. Sharing like this can make the chatting experience livelier; one can share more of their daily lives and express themselves. Kik app also has a video call feature that allows one to have a much more personal chatting experience.

Kik app may have similar features to other messenger applications in the market such as one on one chat, group chat, video call and the likes, but it builds itself to be more than just a simple messenger app that you use to chat up with anyone. Kik app has unique features that set it apart from other messenger applications.

  • While most messenger apps focus on communicating with people you know, Kik app allows you to find groups of people with similar interests.

Through the use of hashtagsfinding people with these similar interests will not be difficult. These groups are all available to the public and easy to access with the application. You can easily jump into a group and be part of the discussion. Because groups are public meeting up with new people with similar interests has become much easier. A public group in Kik app can have up to 50 people chatting in the same group thus creating more opportunities for a person to make new friends. These are also a lot of users on Kik that like to meet on the app for dating and sexting. The app Kik Girls is best for this as it’s the #1 app for Kik Nudes and Kik Usernames. You signup on the app and it provides you with local dirty kik girls ready to chat with you.

  • You could also talk to bots through Kik app.

The bots available on Kik app can vary from brand names to bots that give life advice to random bots that are made to entertain you. Bots are designed to talk as if you are talking to someone else from another chat line. The bots are also useful in many ways.

Bots that are created under a brand name can be used to inquire on the brand you are interested at looking into. It is useful if you feel like browsing a brand in a more fun way than just accessing their website. There are bots that can give the user advice such as beauty tips, life advice, and more. A bot from Kik app can also help you manage things from your daily life such as a to-do list, stress management, and the likes. They could also provide you entertainment and could spend hours talking to it and having interesting conversations to pass the time. Another feature in the app is being able to mention a bot into a public group chat and make the chat even more interesting.

Kik app is a unique messenger app that has features that are not available in other messenger apps. It is created for the smartphone platform and serves its purpose well while adding a worthwhile experience for any user, new or old, the tries out the app. This app is available in Google Play or the App Store. With its many unique features, this app should be one to try out.